JetFighter V: Homeland Protector

Genre: Flight Simulation
Publisher: Global Star
Developer: Interactive Vision

Become America's first and only line of defense when a deadly terrorist cult invades your country in this realistic fighter jet simulation. Dogfight your way through 30 combat missions as you unravel a complicated plot of conspiracy and betrayal while trying to keep America free from the clutches of a shadowy and mysterious army. Get ready to battle it out across the skies of California and Nevada in authentic, real-time air-to-air and air-to-ground combat. Choose from the F-16 Fighting Falcon, the F/A-22 Raptor or the brand new F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, then face off against scores of relentless enemy air and ground forces in this exciting continuation of the Jetfighter series.

Features :

* Over 30 gut-wrenching, action-packed air-to-air and air-to-ground missions to keep you in the thick of the battle
* Stunning 3D graphics, environmental audio and highly detailed, satellite-mapped environments
* 90,000 square miles of flyable satellite-mapped terrain of the South-western USA
* Three flyable jets: The F-16 Fighting Falcon, F/A-22 Raptor and new F-35 Joint Strike Fighter
* Realistic flight physics and weapon platforms provide the ultimate challenge
* Make every mission count as you fight your way through a mystery that will keep you guessing at every turn
* Includes an in-game custom editor giving you the ability to create highly customizable single mission challenges
* Rich multiplayer features allow up to sixteen people to dogfight over a LAN or internet connection

Minimum Requirements :

* P 800 MHz
* 128 MB RAM
* 8x CD-ROM
* 32 MB 3D accelerator
* 2 GB free disk space

Recommended Requirements :

* P 1.2 MHz
* 256 MB RAM
* 64 MB 3D accelerator

Size : 661 MB


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