Crazy Chicken: Pinball

Genre: Pinball
Publisher: Focus Multimedia

Are you a Pinball Wizard?
How fast are your reflexes? Experience all the thrills and spills of the amusement arcade with 5 action-packed pinball tables that will push your skills to the max! This colourful, lightning-fast game is a must-have for all pinball fanatics!

Features :

* 5 themed tables: Adventure, Disco, Kart, Wanted and X
* Tilt feature
* Unlock bonuses and multi-ball
* Fantastic graphics and sound
* High score table

System Requirements :

* PC Operating System: Windows® 2000 / XP / x64 / Vista / Windows 7
* PC CPU Type and Speed: Pentium® III 800 or equivalent
* Hard Drive Space (MB): 50MB
* Memory: 128MB (256MB recommended)
* Graphics: Any 32MB DirectX 8.1 compatible graphics card
* Audio: Any 100% DirectX8.1 compatible soundcard

Size : 55 MB



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