Worms 2

Genre: Strategy
Publisher: Microprose
Developer: Team17 Software

Turn-based strategy game and second game in this successful series. Up to four human or computer-controlled teams can play at any one time. Landscapes are generated randomly producing infinite variations of a limited number of terrain types. New landscape-types and items have been added to this version'

Features :

Go it alone wormbo style against 17 other worms in the 18 player hot seat game or wage 6 player mayhem over a Local Area Network or the internet; customize the game with a huge selection of switches, options and toggles; add new worm speech, edit weapons and creates new landscapes with the Worms2 editors; stunning new cartoon-style animation brings the Worms to life; run wild with a mind-blowing array of wacky weapons or devise your own.
Installation :

- mount the mdf file .
- install
- play & Enjoy .

Size : 455 MB


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