Mortyr II

Mortyr II ( 2005 )

Genre: First-Person Shooter
Publisher: Mirage
Developer: Mirage

Mortyr II is set during World War II and follows British intelligence officer Sven Mortyr, who is sent to his Nordic homeland to investigate rumours of a Nazi super-weapon. Sven is horrified to find his own father has been forced to work on the unit, and must thus use all his covert skills to infiltrate the Nazi stronghold and prevent the completion of the weapon and rescue his father.

Minimum Requirements

800MHz P3 or equivalent
32MB 3D card


A stunning 3D engine power this 11 level, mission based First person shooter; choose from a wide range of historically accurate weaponry along with some unique experimental ones; along with a brilliant single player campaign are 4 multiplayer maps to tax even the most hard-core FPS enthusiasts; sequel to the highly-successful Mortyr, developeed by Mirage Interactive.



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