Beach Head Desert War ( Portable )

BEACH HEAD DESERT WAR Features include :

* Hard Core Desert War in a New Middle East Desert Scenario
* Day and night Fighting with search lights and flares
* Night Vision
* Massive airborne attacks day and night.
* Rogue Estate Army with smart troops and realistic soldier action
* Air support
* Realistic physics and motions
* Blue-print precise and realistic weapons
* Realistic battle sounds and special effects
* 3D hardware cards compatible

Other Features include:

* Heat seeking missile launcher
* New APC's (Armored Personnel Carriers) armed with gun turrets and missile launchers
* Diverse and specific ammo drops (bullets missiles and shells)
* Built in cheat code keys
* Special forces night attacks
* Air and Land 360° Enemy attacks (drops)
* Unlimited levels and more variety of situations
* Full cause and effect with accumulative damage registration for true to life action

Size : 21.80 MB


Rar Password : freegames4you

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