Don't Get Angry 3 ( Portable )

Genre: Board

Don't Get Angry! 3 brings the classic board game and its figures alive, plus adds original new features to the well-known game of Ludo (UK) and Parcheesi (USA).

Don't Get Angry! 3 is the most detailed computer conversion to-date with features like funny gimmicks, additional game modes, quiz duels, mini-games and powerful weapons of mass destruction. The brand-new Deathmatch and Carry-the-Flag modes provide an entirely new way to play.

Use coil springs, explosive belts, sleeping pills, vitamin cocktails, Cages of Insanity, or Toilets of Death to kick your opponents out of the game with no mercy. Use carnivore plants and original weapons to make enemies or set aliens from outer space on your opponents!

Features :

* Great board game for everyone!
* Animated characters
* Humorous gameplay
* Detailed 3D scenarios
* New game modes and mini-games

System Requirements :

* Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 32 / 64-Bit
* CPU: 1 GHz Pentium / AMD Athlon or better
* RAM: 512BM RAM or more (recommended: 1GB or more)
* Screen Resolution: 1024x600 or higher (recommended: 1024x768 or higher)
* Graphics: DirectX -compatible 3D hardware acceleration
* Required amount of space on hard disk: max. 200 MB

Size : 111.55 MB


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