Code of Honor: The French Foreign Legion

Genre: First-Person Shooter
Publisher: City Interactive
Developer: City Interactive

For almost two hundred years now, the French Foreign Legion has attracted adventurers from all over the world. One of them is Claude Boulet, a 26 year-old Parisian, brought up in harmony with tough street rules. The Legion was where he found his place, and it led him straight to the hellish African savanna. The risk of nuclear attack has forced the international community to intervene immediately. France has reacted the fastest by transferring the elite 13th half-brigade from Djibouti to Ivory Coast. Based on tests of character he has been appointed to lead the most difficult operation of the war. Never, in his darkest dreams, did Claude expect the trouble he found himself in. From now on he will always associate Côte d'Ivoire with the war path he had to tread in the defense of freedom and democracy.

Features :

* Join the famous French Foreign Legion on its latest real world operation; extinguishing a civil war raging in Ivory Coast.
* Together with your comrades, fight in real-world locations, using authentic Foreign Legion weapons and equipment.
* Modern French weaponry, not available in other games including FAMAS, LRAC 89, AAT mod.F1, FR F2.
* Contemporary vehicles and attach helicopters at the disposal of the Foreign Legion including VAB, VBL, AMX, Puma, Gazelle.
* Amply equipped enemies (AK74 plus GP30, RPG7, BRDM and BTR-70 vehicles, Ka-28 and Ka-50 choppers).
* Feel the heat of combat on battlefields, meticulously recreated from satellite photos.
* Painstakingly rendered uniforms, weapons, and equipment, convincing graphics, plus rich visual and sound effects make you feel you’re there.
* Photorealistic graphics supported by the Chrome engine.
* Eight playable levels providing hours of great

System Requirements :

3.1 GHz or equivalent
RAM: 2 x 512 MB
Video Memory: 128 MB
Hard Drive Space: 5000 MB

Installation :

* Extract Files
* burn or Mount
* Setup
* Play & Enjoy

Size : 600 MB





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