Warzone 2100

Genre: Strategy
Publisher: Eidos Interactive
Developer: Pumpkin Studios

Set amidst the shattered wastes of a society that has destroyed itself by the year 2085, players must construct a base, weapons, tanks and more. Once they've built up a vast army, the objective becomes simple: Destroy all of your enemies and take control of the planet. A real-time strategy game with a vast selection of technology and units and a real time 3D Camera. Unit types include tanks, hovercraft, VTOLs (aircraft), cyborg infantry, and weapons such as rockets, mortars, machine guns, cannons, and cluster bombs that can be fitted to the designs you create.

Features :

Warzone 2100 showcases a depth-of-play never seen before in a strategy game. 400 different types of technologies allow you to design more than 2000 battle units; Warzone 2100 slams the door on other top-down, 2d strategy games. It showcases a lightning fast, fully functional 3d game engine with a rotable and zoomble camera for fast and furious gaming action; The sophisticated al engine allows you to recycle experience from field units into even more fierce war machines. Over time, combat units become more accurate and command units command larger groups of troops; it's one thing to go head-to-head against your friends with static unit choices. It's an altogether different thing to crush them with units you custom design to inflict maximum damage.

Minimum Requirements :

- Win95/98
- P166MHz
- 32MB RAM
- 2MB SVGA card
- 75MB hard drive space
- DirectX compliant sound card

Recommended Requirements :

- Pentium 233 MHz
- 64 MB RAM
- 4 MB Direct3D- or 3Dfx-compatible 3D accelerator
- 16x CD-ROM drive.

Multiplayer Functions :

- 1 Minimum Players
- 8 Maximum Players

Install :

- click on ( oalinst ) icon

- click on ( warzone2100 ) icon to play the game

Size : 22.3 MB


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