Amazing Adventures The Lost Tomb

Genre: Adventure
Publisher: SpinTop Games
Developer: SpinTop Games

In Amazing Adventures The Lost Tomb, adventurers undertake a series of missions comprising more than 100 levels and well over 2,000 hidden objects spanning numerous Egyptian locales, structures and settings. Visit the Nile River, a crowded Cairo bazaar, the Great Pyramid of Giza, and archaeological digs and throne rooms, to name a few. Along the way, players are challenged by seven different types of mini-games and puzzle traps including spot the differences as they strive to uncover the location of the Lost Tomb and the treasure locked within.


* Find over 2000 hidden objects throughout more than 100 levels
* Explore 22 unique Egyptian locations
* Experience classic period art, themed music and stunning sound effects
* Circumvent 7 unique mini-game puzzle traps to complete missions
* Two main game modes: Find the Lost Tomb and Secret Game
* Play against the clock or in Relaxed Mode with no time limits
* Discover interesting facts about Egypt in your journal

Size : 35.7 MB


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