Battlefield 2 ( 2009 )

Published by: Electronic Arts
Developed by: Digital Illusions CE (DICE)
Release Date: June 21, 2005
Genre: Online Shooter

This mod is continued FireGuns as the history of this fashion about the war in South Ossetia, which has moved into World War 3 Russia where anti-American! In the fashion part 4 of which can be played: Russia, Georgia, NATO, America. The difference of NATO and America in the technique because NATO's mixed media of different countries, how to make fashion more realistic.

Features fashion:

+ Binoculars
+ AV8
+ Mig-23
+ Mi-35 (new version)
+ A-10 (new version)
+ Operation Static Map
+ Ah64 (new version)
+ M4 (new version)
+ Tavor
+ M95
+ BTR90 (New texture)
+ Tunguska (New texture)
+ MI-28 (new structure)
+ New Interface
+ A new configuration of whales
+ A new type of missile Attacks
+ New Loadlogo

System Requirements:

• Processor: P4-2, 8 Ghz;
• Memory: 1 Gb RAM;
• Videocard: 512 Mb Video


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