Civilization II Test of Time

Genre: Strategy
Publisher: Hasbro Interactive
Developer: Microprose

Civilization II is a turn-based strategy game where you attempt to lead your people to success by either conquering the world or being the first civilization to have your spaceship reach another planet. You begin the game in 4000 BC with a group of settlers and knowledge of a few early scientific advancements. Civilization II allows you to found cities and manage them through a variety of ways. Contact with other civilizations opens up the game a great deal by allowing alliances to be formed, the trading of advancements and the beginning of conflicts that can lead to war.



  1. how do you extract stuff from the Rar files? I can only get stuff out of #1 and none of it appears to be useful.

  2. Hi

    First .. You Must Download All 7 Parts .

    Then Put All 7 Parts In one Folder .
    Then Extract files By Extract File Number 1
    And will Extract the rest of the files automatically .

    Happy with your visit to My Blog

  3. Thanks man - this is ageless!!! Have been looking for it almost as long!!!

    Cheers ;^)