Psi-Ops: The Mindgate Conspiracy ( RIP )

Genre: Third-Person Action
Publisher: ZOO Digital

The player's mind becomes the ultimate weapon in Psi-Ops, where stealth action and psychic abilities are combined to create the ultimate special missions operative. Nick Scryer, a talented American Psi-Operative uses an assortment of traditional weapons as well as his unique mind powers to stop a group of terrorists bent on creating global chaos. Strategically infiltrate seven levels within four major enemy compounds, while outsmarting challenging enemy AI and discovering multiple paths through non-linear missions. Use powerful psychic abilities such as telekinesis to move people and objects, pyrokinesis to project a wall of fire, mind-control, remote viewing, aura view and mind drain.

1. Unpack into game directory
2. Run SPiTFiRE.bat
3. Import registry entry
4. Run SPiTFiRE.bat located in Music Add-On folder
5. Start the game with PsiOps.exe


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